Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Branula setting: Tips

Salam w.b.t. to all.

Today I would like to share something which is really important in medical practice. It looked simple, but it could be a 'disaster' to the patient if we take it for granted.

Blood taking and branula setting are like bread and butter in medicine. We do it almost everyday in the hospital or any health institution. It is just a simple procedure we can say, but we have to practise as many as possible. Only then we would be more confident in doing so.

The very first step in every procedure, is we should pray to Allah, so that our job will be easier. Ask Him to ease the branula setting or blood taking so that our work will be smooth without much problem. This is very important.

Then comes next:

- Make sure tourniquet is applied tightly. The vein will be more prominent and visible.
- Ensure adequate exposure and lightening.
- Search for a straight vein.
- Say 'Bismillah' upon starting the procedure.
- Be confident. Don't hesitate to poke the patient.
- Upon seeing the backflow, remove the needle and push the branula gently.
- Remove the tourniquet.
- Say 'Alhamdulillah' upon successful setting of branula.

And lastly, keep practising again and again.

It could be a bit harder for beginner. But don't give up. Once you got the proper technique, apply it for all patient. Everybody has their own skills.

Wassalam and thank you.

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