Thursday, September 22, 2011

Years by Years, I Have to Be Serious

Salam w.b.t.

Being a senior is not as easy as ABC if you are the first batch among your colleagues. It is a challenging task and job if you are regarded as 'small representative' of your country to others.

Reminiscing the old experience of mine as a first year student brings an involuntary smile. My junior life was full of happy as well as bad moments that taught me how to be independent. (but still depends on government's allowance..huhu)

We walked a small group to the lecture hall everyday and brought a new environment to the surrounding. Consequently, the locals treated us as if we were the members of a white collar organization. Could you imagine ?

'Gaur kaha hai ?' (where do you come from?)

Nepal? Indonesia?

Those are some of the curiosity shown by the local people. They like to ask so many thing but we replied very less thing.

Apart from that, we learned a bit about their mother tongue which is Marathi language. We had to use them during clinical examination of the 'kaka' (what we call the male lab assistants), not the actual patient.

We said 'zopa' to ask them to lay down. Then they lay down. To ask them to inspire, we said 'shoas lo' only then inspiration took place. 'Tuzha ankh bandh karo', meaning 'close your eyes' while uttering 'apka mu kolo' was asking them to open the mouth. Simple right ? But need more practice.

Some 'kaka' know their 'appropriate role' and directly do the position required. So we were considered lucky then. Some of them just being 'innocent' like not knowing anything, then a good skill of examination plus communication skill are required.

Those clinical examination part is really beneficial as they are the basics one in history taking. The skills are still implemented during clinical years, which I am experiencing now.

As a matter of fact, practical skills are highly required in medicine as we have to handle the patients wisely. The knowledge in the book are only theories which is updated upon new discoveries or omitted if proved irrelevant.

That's why it is said that the knowledge without its application or practice is like a tree without its fruit. Al 'ilm bilaa 'amal laa yanfa'. The knowledge is totally useless unless practised. Make sense right ?

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