Monday, April 16, 2012

In The End, It Really Matters

Salam w.b.t.

The future is something that is unpredictable and full of surprise. We will not know what is happening for the next 2 months or next 5 years for example. Even for the next hours in our life, we cannot also expect what will happen.

It is said that one way of predicting the future is by doing some preparation to it, or in the easy understanding, do make a plan for our future to come.

We should have in our mind some rough ideas regarding "What am I going to be in the future ?" We should ask ourselves what we want in the future.

A latest Ferrari Aventador ?

A beautiful wife ?


A successful career ?

A generous and beneficial person in the community ?

The choice is in our hands. We have the power to choose which one is our aim in this life. When we know what is our desire in the next 5 years, we should work it out from now by having the plans and implement them. This is our preparation to achieve the goals.

Should the first plan fail, we must have backup plans to make sure the effort is not coming to an end.

It's like solving the jigsaw puzzle. We cannot complete it unless we see the final picture for many times and compare with the pieces. The repetition of seeing the picture serves as reminder for us and determine which pieces to be put in the correct position. The action of putting the pieces correctly requires many trials and errors. It reflects our continuous effort to keep trying until we get what we want at the end. Isn't it?

So my fellow readers, we should think from now what is our status in the future. Not the relationship status, instead what we are gonna be later on. What is our most wanted things to do, what we really want to contribute to the society when we finished our study.

For the working person, although the final picture completed already, sometimes it is good to frame the picture so that it is more attractive to other person. I mean, just make some effort to be a better worker than today, someone who can give inspiration to others in the life.

The message I want to convey in this post, is that we should have our end in mind. Understand ? We should be imagining, what kind of products we want to be in the end.

Whether it is good or bad in the end, it is we ourselves who have to decide it. So start planning and working from today onwards !

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