Thursday, January 16, 2014

Walking Walking Searching for Food

Salam w.b.t.

The scope of health awareness should cover both the urban as well as the rural area. The right to get a good and appropriate treatment of diseases should be given equally to all human being, be it a businessman or a farmer.

The rule is, treat the patient equally according to their right to get the best treatment, regardless of their social background.

To achieve this objective, rural posting is set up to make sure the villagers also have the chance to be treated as good as possible.

Last Monday, I got the opportunity to join a health camp in Islampur, one of the village area in Karad-district-to-be. This is one of my wish before I go back for good, and at the last week of OBG posting, praise be to Allah that He give me this chance that I longed for.

The journey to Islampur took about 45 minutes. I was feeling a bit, ermmm excited as what Englishman says, even though I had been to other villages long time ago during my student life. (now still a student also) But this time, it is a little bit different.

I thought we were going to the PHC (primary health centre). But I was mistaken.

It was a health camp, ladies and gentlemen, where they set up big tents at the centre and by the side of the tents, there were few booths for the villagers to have a health check-up inside. There was also a stage where any doctors or important person gave a talk regarding health awareness.

SO, this is our booth for Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) --->

Let the photos do the writing ok?

The patients started to come at noon. This was justified by the crowd in our booth who come to get the free check-up on that day. 

Most of them work as a farmer. Most of them are poor people. They are not that lucky like all of us. Their house is just enough to give them shelter from the heat of the sunray and from the heavy rain. It is just a place where they can rest and sleep after a long, tiring work during the day.
This people should be given more care about their health and how they maintain a promising life.

After about 3 hours there, we packed our stuffs and returned back to the hospital.

It was just a short experience for me to see the life of other people. It was a memorable one indeed. It just reminds me that, how fortunate I am with all the blessings and the prosperity that I have till now.

We can eat without any restriction of particular food (except the one that is forbidden), we can sleep peacefully, we can breathe the air without any difficulties.

Isn't it more than enough for us?

"Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?"

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