Sunday, March 6, 2011

PSM done !

All Praise be to Allah as our PSM posting finished already. Yesterday we had this ward ending exam at the end of the posting.

During PSM posting, we have to present a case in a group of two. One case per day. There's a list of cases available to be taken by us. After that, we have to copy the corrected cases in our journal.

PSM also, but not in the medical field.

Back to the ward ending, everybody were given 1 case for history taking and for sure presentation of the case later on. As for me, I had been given gynaecology case which is PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension). At the first place I thought this could be challenging for me as I think gynaec case is one of the toughest case. Moreover, the language barrier gave a synergistic effect to it..hehe

I rushed to the maternity ward when I found the patient assigned to me after few minutes. Fortunately there was a local student who was taking the same case as mine. What a relief. We had less than an hour to complete our case. For the 'interview' part, I let my friend to handle it as she knew hindi very well. I took the case paper and search for the information like what investigation had been done and so on. We wrote as fast as possible.

Then at about 11am, we went to the common room to complete the history and to prepare ourselves for the presentation. Everybody was preparing as good as they could while some were correcting their history including me myself.. :-)

Around 1pm, the session ended. We felt so relieved, as the PSM cases was so vast which cover most of the diseases commonly found in the community. It also requires the history of water supply, housing condition, sanitation, socio-cultural factors and the prevention to be taken. We have to consider the entire aspects of life as their occupation or their lifestyle and habits could lead them to particular infection. As I have mentioned in previous post, the cleanliness should be maintained perfectly as the source of the infection are mostly from the dirty environment either from poor housing condition or from the person itself.

As for me, gynaec case is not that difficult unless you are not prepared well enough. Most of the question came from the theory part. If we had strong understanding then it's not a big deal. It is we ourselves who do not learn how to survive in a difficult situation. What matters most is our desire to learn what is the mistake, never repeat it and how to improve our performance so that it would be better next time.

It is the same when we feel guilty after committing the sin. We should feel regret, and wishing to never doing the same mistake(sin) again in the future. That's the steps of 'Taubat'. At the same time we have to perform many good deeds also. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said that one of the characteristics of the people of Paradise is those who always prefer to do good deeds. Everytime the people are talking, they talk about how kind he is. How helpful she is. That's the sign. If all Muslim behave in a good manner, obey things asked by Allah, I strongly believe the world would be a peaceful place to live in. (",) No such dictatorship could even exist in this world.

After experiencing the history taking part (not 100% of my own as I'd been helped), I admit my journey of study is still not good enough. Still more to learn and to be revised everyday. And most importantly the learning of hindi language is a crucial task to be carried out. Actually people of Karad speak marathi language and still I have to know a bit about this language.

But, no pain no gain right. Like the Malay saying, "Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian.) =)

p/s : gynaecology = bidang yang berkaitan dengan penyakit-penyakit wanita.

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