Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well, what are those 3 things supposed to tell you ? I believe most of us are familiar with the title of this post. Those are neither the name of famous company nor the name of a person. Instead they are the name of the diseases commonly found here, namely Tuberculosis (batuk kering), HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and diabetes mellitus (kencing manis).

TB cases are still there in India, but not in our country. Many people died due to TB throughout the year. One people die every minute here, according to my lecturer. So sad. Fortunately TB has been eradicated from our country a long time ago.

During our PSM posting, the lecturer reminded us to know everything about TB. It should be at the tip of the tongue.

What is the sign and symptom. How is the treatment. How do you classify the patient. What is the drug to be taken.

As its highest prevalence here, we should know the details as this case is of favourite topic during examination.

During pathology practical in 2nd year, one of my lecturer told us that we should know the details of 3 important diseases : TB, HIV and diabetes. We have to 'master' them as those are common in the community. Those are always asked by the lecturers, which tells us how important the diseases to be studied.

In most of the cases, those who get HIV infection are more prone to get TB also. This happen as a result of weakened immune system of the body, thus leading to opportunistic infection. Frankly, there are many complications of HIV-AIDS patient, and TB is just one of them.

The occurrence of the disease has a strong relation with the hygiene and lifestyle aspect. The proper self hygiene is still not practised and the sanitation is unsatisfactory also. That's why TB infection is easily available.

And for our country, diabetes and hypertension as well as heart disease are at the top ranking. Why ? Hmm.. I think most of us know already the answers.. :-)

Last but not least, prevention is better than cure. Before we get it, why don't we prevent it at the first place from happening. So, watch what you eat ok...

P/s : PSM = Preventive & Social Medicine a.k.a. Community Medicine.


  1. ritu buat report pasal satu patient tb, daripada 9 orang adik beradik, 5 kena tb. walaupun masa lain-lain kena, and sorang dapat selepas sorang dah cured tb pun, still wonder kenapa satu family ramai sgt yg tb.

    selalunya infectious disease more likely nak jadi serentak, ni x masa berbeza-beza...

    tu lah dr suruh depa buat screening hiv, tapi depa suma ok

  2. Lilacfla : syukur la dorang semua ok.. =) screening as safety precaution la kan...kat cni ada satu kes tb tu, mula2 hiv tested negative..beberapa tahun lepas tu, positif hiv..rupanya, tyme buat screening tu dlm incubation period..huhu
    yg jadi masa beza2 tu, mungkin imuniti x sama kot..atau ada kaitan ngan history of exposure..


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