Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Best Last Paper of Tyrannical Examination

Salam w.b.t.

Praise be to Allah as He is still giving us the blessing so that we can live the world until now. We breathe as long as our heart functions. Respiratory and cardiovascular of 2 most important functions in our life.

We just finished our exam today with Pediatric as the last paper. Although it is next year subject, it is like an exposure for us to take the examination (or test) so that we know what strategies to be applied later on. It's like antigen and antibody reaction. When we are exposed to antigen (harmful substances like dust or allergen) our body will identify it as foreign objects and start to secrete particular antibodies to combat the antigen. It provides immunity to the body. Same situation here but examination should be regarded as good antigen while the good antibody is our attitude and preparation before coming examination.

At last I got the chance to continue watching the Japanese movie : Team Medical Dragon 3 featuring cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Asada Ryutaro as the main actor. He is so fantastic during operation and his skills are appreciated at world level. Suddenly I have a desire to be like him and I wonder if I could be the one. =) Actually I like kids also and paediatric is also one of my choice other than neurosurgery. But I should pass undergraduate course at first place then I could make a decision later. Let's see which path is the best from Allah.

May our junior get the best result in Ist MBBS which will come out maybe this week. Allaahumma najihnaa fil imtihaan. (",)

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