Saturday, July 30, 2011


Salam w.b.t.

One of my favourite song.
Reminding us of the importance to love our country.
Listening to it stimulates my inner spirit, strengthen my enthusiasm.
My beloved country.

Translation :

My homeland, My homeland
Glory and beauty,
Sublimity and splendour
Are in your hills, Are in your hills
Life and deliverance,
Pleasure and hope
Are in your air, Are in your Air

Will I see you? Will I see you?
Safe and comforted,
Sound and honored
Will I see you in your eminence?
Reaching to the stars, Reaching to the stars
My homeland, My homeland

My homeland, My homeland
The youth will not tire,
'till your independence
Or they die

We will drink from death
And will not be to our enemies
Like slaves, Like slaves

We do not want, We do not want
An eternal humiliation
Nor a miserable life
We do not want
But we will bring back
Our storied glory, Our storied glory
My homeland, My homeland

My homeland, My homeland
The sword and the pen
Not the talk nor the quarrel
Are our symbols, Are our symbols

Our glory and our covenant
And a duty to be faithful
Moves us, moves us

Our glory, Our glory
Is an honorable cause
And a waving standard
O, behold you In your eminence
Victorious over your enemies Victorious over your enemies
My homeland, My homeland

p/s : Mawtini (موطني) is Palestinian National Anthem.

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