Sunday, March 29, 2009

sat kat sini..sat kat sana..


When i am alone, everything comes in father and my mother, how's their health..? well or siblings, how's their study..? Can they understand the lessons, then scoring in village, what's the change happen..? and also, the villagers, how's their paddy fields..?
When we are away from all of them, the memories start can we overcome those situation..? the answer is..we have to be strong, for whatever obstacles or problems appearing in our life..that's it..
We must be in 'recent' time...matlab ( meaning ), our mind should be at present time..neither in the past nor future..thus, we can concentrate on what we are focussing..unless we are in 'exact time', we cannot be in the right track for a long and stable time..or istiqamah in our daily ibadah or action..
The question is..whether we can handle our feelings, our mind in an approprite way..?? For example, we are targetting to study in an hour sharply..without any disturbance, or distraction from external factors..but, do we use the time 100 % studying..? Just answer it yourself..
If you say yes, then you have succeed to control yourself to become a successful i right..? hehe..

So, i leave all of you with the above question..including i am also a student, who is searching for the truthness of our be implemented in the future..


p.s. : my english is not that good..still learning..hopefully my language is understandable.. =)


  1. erm biasa la kan..bila berjauhan mmg kdg2 perit sikit..huhu..
    takpa,masanya akan tiba juga utk pulang ke desa!hehe;-)

  2. praise to Allah the One and Almighty
    he is the one who protecting us
    and all of that happened were never for nothing

    p/s-i know you are a good brother. (heeheheheee)


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