Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cut Them Open With No Mercy

Starting tomorrow, my batch is going to have autopsy session. We are having 10 autopsies to be attended.

This might be a new experience to us, as we are going to see 'life performance' of post mortem.

Before this, I just watch it from the video. Now, the real situation comes. I wonder how the smell of the freshly prepared cadaver would be.

Last time in the dissection hall, we 'met' with the bodies which is preserved in the formalin. The environment is full of the odour of the formalin, a pungent and strong smell. You can see the changes in our face - redness of the eye. Sometimes, tears also come out. It is normal thing that we have to adapt.

This time, situation changes. We have to smell the genuine odour of the non-formalin preserved bodies. It is quite challenging as we have to watch the procedure of cutting open the whole parts of the body cavity. There are 3 cavities to be cut and explored : cranial cavity, thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity. Then, the organ or viscera like stomach are going to be preserved for chemical laboratory test.

We have been told that a girl faint from the previous batch. Who are going to continue the blackout phenomena ? Hmmm... Hopefully, everyone can endure the procedure till the end of the session.

By hook or by crook, everyone has to be present for this autopsy. There should not be any lame excuse for that. Any proxy is prohibited. If we cannot make it, we are not allowed to appear for the examination. What a pity. That's why we should not take things for granted. Everything is very important though.

May we get another 'fun' from this post mortem session. I'm sure everyone is excited to experience this coming event. ('',)

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