Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our time is running out

Salam w.b.t.
It is approaching the 'deadline' as the final examination is about to start. Starting to experience butterfly in the stomach I guess..huhu
How fast the time travels day by day, minutes by minutes.
I remembered last time during preliminary exam, when I failed to give good answers during practical. I decided to check it out back then. Those were basic questions which were taught during first year.
Theory questions are a little more easier compared to practical. Everybody can at least write something about it, provided, they read something also. In addition, we can use our common sense and logical thinking.
For example, acute pancreatitis is an example of inflammation. There would be increase in body temperature so fever is one clinical feature.
Some information are not limited to particular subjects. We can apply Medicine in Surgery questions or vice versa.
Practical side, on the other hand, requires communication skills and a fast way of thinking process. How we use the exact medical terms in appropriate way and at appropriate time. Most of the examiner expect us to say particular keywords only, which convince them that we have some knowledge about the topics being discussed. Theoretical knowledge is also important here.
Going for exam, is like going for a great war. It needs enough preparation both physically and mentally.
Lastly, the need for tawakkal after we do something. This is the most important thing in life. He has the best plan for all of us.
P/s : 1 week to go...excited or fear? Hmmm..

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